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An Overview Of How Dumpster Companies Should Handle Construction Waste To Become LEED Certified To Get More Business

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Obtaining the certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is something a waste hauling company for construction projects should consider doing to grow their business. The LEED certification means you have a system in place to separate and recycle the construction waste you are picking up and bringing to your facility to avoid sending as much waste as possible to a landfill. This certification is necessary if you are going to position yourself to bid on Green construction projects. A little over 30% of new construction projects in the U.S. are Green-based ones, and this is growing. If you are thinking of adopting Green waste hauling procedures for your dumpster company, here is an overview of what you’ll have to do to meet the guidelines to become certified LEED certified so you can bid on more business. Weigh Dumpsters Each dumpster should be weighed as it arrives with waste to your facility from a construction project. This will give you the base weight of all the trash you have collected in the dumpster. The weight of the dumpster should be marked down on a sheet of paper. Separate Contents The next step will be to separate all the items from the dumpster into different piles. The easiest way to do this is to put each pile into separate smaller dumpsters. You should have a separate dumpster for wood, cardboard, glass, metals, and so on. The reason you should put the materials into separate dumpsters is because you will have to weigh each pile and having it in a smaller dumpster makes the weighing process easier. Weigh Smaller Dumpsters You now want to weigh the smaller dumpsters after the material in the big dumpster has been completely separated. You want to mark down on the piece of paper the waste-type in the smaller dumpsters and the weight of the dumpster. If you use more than one small dumpster for a material, just combine the aggregate weight of all the dumpsters with the same type of construction material. The combined weights of all the small dumpsters should then be added up to determine the total amount of waste that is being diverted from a landfill and taken to a recycling center. Minimum Landfill Diversion Goal You take the combined weight of all the small dumpsters together and subtract from the base weight of the big dumpster that transported the waste to your facility. The goal is to divert at least 50% of the waste from going into landfills to meet the minimum requirements for a LEED certification. You earn your LEED certification through a point system and the more waste you divert from a landfill the more points you acquire. More points will lead to a higher certification level. The higher your level of certification, the more work you can bid on and the more your company will be appealing to people managing Green construction projects to handle their construction waste. For more information, contact a dumpster rental company like Lakeshore...

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3 Tips To Make Recycling More Convenient For Your Family

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You probably already know that your family should be recycling, and you might feel guilty about not doing it as often as you should. However, if recycling seems to be too much of an aggravation for your family, you might have a tough time encouraging everyone to do it. Luckily, you can get better results and make things easier for your family by making recycling as convenient as possible. These are a few tips to help make recycling more convenient for the people in your household. 1. Place Recycling Containers in Convenient Places If the recycling container is in an out-of-the-way place, it’ll be tough for everyone to make a habit of using it. Make sure that there is a recycling container in your kitchen, right next to where your regular garbage can is kept. It isn’t even a bad idea to have small recycling containers in each bedroom and bathroom for paper and other commonly-used recyclable items. The easier it is to find a recycling bin, the more chance there will be that your family members will actually use it. 2. Purchase Similarly-Recycled Items Consider cutting down on the different types of items that you purchase and purchasing similarly-recycled items. For example, instead of buying a mix of bottled and canned drinks, consider buying drinks that all have similar packaging so that they can easily be recycled. 3. Have Your Recycling Picked Up If you have to make a special trip to the recycling center each time that your recycling bins are overflowing, you might find yourself dreading it and putting it off. This can lead to less recycling or getting out of the habit of recycling altogether. A better option is to have it picked up at your curb. If your trash pick-up service does not offer separate recycling pick-up, consider calling your local recycling companies to find out if they offer pick-up services. If all you have to do is carry it outside to have it picked up, you won’t be likely to put it off like you would if you had to make a special trip. As you can see, there are multiple steps that you can take to make recycling more convenient for your family. If you follow these three tips and talk to your family about the importance of recycling, you might see positive changes within your household soon that will benefit both the environment and your family. Contact a recycling center, such as Uribe Refuse Services Inc, for more information about recycling....

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Identifying Your Sellable Gold

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If you do not have many big gold rings or watches, you may think that recycling gold is not for you. In fact, many common items have enough gold in them to earn you a few extra dollars from a reputable gold buyer. If you combine both quality gold items and some castoff pieces, you can make a decent sum by selling them to a reputable vendor.  Gold Fill If you think your gold fill items are worthless in the recycling market, you are wrong. Gold fill is the practice of applying a thin coat of gold to the outside of other metals. In recent years, manufacturers have learned to make this coating thinner and thinner. However, in decades past, gold fill items contained more actual gold. If you have old trophies, watches, rings, plaques, and even eye glass frames from twenty years ago, you can make some money selling them to an established dealer. Experts also advise taking a look at your older dishes and tableware to see if they are gold filled. If so, they can also be recycled.  Hidden Gold You may be surprised to learn that your old smoke detector and VCR may be hiding some gold. Older cell phones also have small amounts of the valuable ore. Even that rusting wreck hiding in the garage could have some gold in its brake and airbag systems. You might also have some gold salts that someone gave you for their medicinal value or some antique clothing that contains gold thread. Your home may be a veritable treasure trove of hidden riches. Higher Quality Gold You may decide to sell some of your jewelry or other high-quality gold items. When you are planning to sell these more expensive pieces, you need to know the gold content of each item so that you get an appropriate selling price. Anything labeled 24 karat gold is considered pure gold. This gold is very soft, so it is not often used in jewelry. Eighteen karat items also contain a high level of gold, but other metals have been added, so it is stronger and often used in high-quality jewelry. As the numbers go down, the quality and worth of the gold also decrease. Fourteen karat gold is only 58.5 percent gold. The pieces marked with a 24, 18, or 14K are going to bring you the most money. Of course, some of these items only have a small amount of gold in them, but if you sell enough of these less expensive pieces combined with higher quality gold items, your household treasure hunt may turn into a quite profitable endeavor.  For more information on recycling your gold, click on this link or do an online...

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Post-Festival Pick Up: Easier Ways To Clear Away The Rubbish Faster

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One of the biggest problems with a community festival is the post-festival clean-up. There are the porta-potties, the garbage, and the recycling to worry about, and sometimes particularly large events (e.g., music festivals or Oktoberfests) result in a lot of paper waste everywhere. If you want to speed up the cleaning and recycling after your community event, here is what you can do. Dumpster and Compactor Rentals While you did not have room for these items on the grounds during the event, (and you wouldn’t want them there during the festival anyway!), you now have the room and the need for dumpster and compactor rentals.  The compactor can make short work of all the cardboard and cardboard-like items strewn everywhere, while the dumpsters can be filled, hauled away, brought back and refilled. (You will need to provide an electrical source for the compactor, but if the event was in a local park, there is probably a pavilion or stage that has power.) If you have a large cleaning crew, a couple of people can manage the compactor as needed, while everyone else gathers the strewn remnants of the event.  You can limit smaller bits of paper, plastic, and glass to preassigned dumpsters. You may have to rent dumpsters from two different companies, as some dumpster companies only manage trash and not recycling. The companies that typically rent out recycling dumpsters may also be the ones from which to rent your cardboard compactors, but you will have to check with them when you call to place a rental order. The “Human Broom” Approach If you have enough volunteers and/or workers, you can spread them out in a search and sweep formation. This means they start at one end of the park, in a line, moving forward a few feet at a time and picking up everything they see. They act in unison as a “human broom”, sweeping through the grass and over the cement for cigarette butts, cups, food wrappers, napkins, plates, diapers, and so forth. Within a few hours, and with the added help of your rented dumpsters and a compactor, the scene is clean. Returning Your Compactor and Disposing of the Compactor Bales Usually the companies that rent the dumpsters and compactors will come to pick them up. Your compactor needs to be free and clear of any cardboard bales your team has made. Either the recycling company that rented the compactor to you or a shipping company that deals in cardboard bales will pick up the bale(s) from your location on your specified date. If you’re interested in renting a contractor, contact C-TEC Compactors & Balers...

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Keep the Critters out of Your Trash

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When you put your garbage outside at night, you don’t want to wake up and see it strewn about your lawn. This is not only a problem for people who live in the country, it happens in the suburbs and even in the city. Bears, raccoons, and even sometimes cats and dogs will knock over a trashcan and tear into the trash looking for food. So, what can you do to avoid this problem? Here are some suggestions. Buy Scented Garbage Bags The first step should be scented garbage bags. These have a heavy scent, usually a pine smell that is used to mask the smell of trash. Some people use them because they find the smell of garbage offensive. However, it is also useful in preventing animals from smelling the trash. Wash out Your Trash Bin with Heavy Duty Cleaners Unfortunately, animals have a much better sense of smell then humans. So, even if you don’t smell the trash, and think that the pine scented garbage bags are working, they might not be enough. You need to go an extra step and scent the entire garbage bin. Use a heavy duty cleaner, like undiluted bleach, or a commercial cleaner that has a pine scent. Pour it into the bin and make sure to scrub the entire inside. Plus, don’t forget about the outside. Every inch of the bin needs to be completely cleaned to remove any lingering scent of trash. Once you wash the bin out completely, you should do an upkeep washing once every week. Put Your Garbage Bins in Prison While cats and dogs can be prevented from tearing up your garbage if you use trashcans with secure lids, bears and raccoons are another story. These creatures are rapacious and will get inside even the best designed lids. If you have a plastic bin, they might just tear right through the side with their claws. The way to deal with this is to build or buy a box that will house the trash. The most basic design is a box that is made using fencing cage and steel poles. You can hire a contractor to build you one. It should swing open from the front so that the bins don’t need to be lifted out from above. You could also have them built with cedar or wood lattice. These are more decorative, but not as strong. If you are only dealing with raccoons, then these would work. However, bears might simply smash through the lattice. If you are dealing with bears, but don’t want steel fencing, you might want to build a plywood enclosure, like this one. These are solid, can be painted to match your house, and are bear resistant. For more tips, talk to a garbage disposal professional like B-P Trucking...

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Why Taking Your Used Vehicle To A Scrap Metal Yard Is A Good Idea

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If you have a vehicle that no longer runs or that you are no longer using, one great way to get rid of it is to sell it to a scrap metal yard. There are many parts of a vehicle that are made with different types of metals, all which can be resold by scrap metal yards. Here are four of those parts of a vehicle wanted by scrap metal yards that they can ensure get recycled or reused. Wheels – Most wheels are made from aluminum which is highly recyclable. In fact, according to The Aluminum Association, aluminum is a 100 percent recyclable metal. This sustainable metal is usually recycled into new cans, airplane parts, home appliances such as dishwashers, furniture, chemicals and even makeup. If you take your car to a scrap metal yard, they might only be interested in the wheels but not the tires. Even though rubber is recyclable, it is not usually worth their time to get tires recycled through the proper channels. Some scrap yards will even penalize you for not removing the tires from the wheels. Parts Made of Steel – Many parts of a car are made from steel– including doors, hoods, trunks and frames– which makes all of these parts desirable for scrap metal yards. In 2012, steel had a recycling rate of 88 percent. It has been proven that by recycling steel energy is conserved, emissions are reduced and natural resources are reserved. For these reasons, scrap metal yards are more than willing to take your unused automobile off of your hands thanks to the large parts made of steel. Catalytic Converters – At one time, the prices offered by scrap metal yards for catalytic converters was causing thieves to steal these parts off of cars to make some quick cash. One reason for this is because the converters are made with three types of precious metals – platinum, palladium and rhodium – that can bring in good money. Electric Fan Motors – Since copper is another metal that generally gets sold for a good price for, car parts like electric fan motors are often in high demand. Other parts of a car that are made out of copper include:  radiator fans fuel injectors ignition coils alternators blower motors transformers If you no longer have use for your vehicle, selling it to a scrap metal yard like White Recycling is a great option as they can ensure all the metal parts are either recycled, reused or...

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Four Reasons To Hire A Professional Demolition Company To Demolish An Old Home

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If you are in the market for a large plot of land, one of the best ways to get the land you want for an affordable price is to purchase a few acres that has an old house on it. Even though the house may not be useable, a well and septic will more than likely already be in place. You can hire a professional demolition company to come and demolish the house for you so that you can start building your dream home right away. The following guide walks you through a few reasons why it is best to hire a professional demolition crew to handle the demolition for you rather than trying to tackle it on your own. Permits When you demolish a home, there are certain permits that are often required in order to do the demolition. In order to get some of the permits, specific inspections must take place. A professional demolition company will know not only what inspections need to take place, but also what permits need to be gotten before any demolition takes place. Equipment You will often need a bulldozer and possibly a wrecking ball to tear down a house. These pieces of equipment can be quite expensive to rent and transport. The company will already own them and have a crew that is licensed to operate them. Crew When demolishing a home, it is important to make sure that the people handling the job know what they are doing at all times. An experienced crew will know how to knock down the house, how to get all of the pieces up and in a dumpster safely so that the job can be done quickly and easily. Disposal There are certain parts of the home that will be able to be recycled and some parts that simply must be trashed. The company (for example, Alpart Scrap Iron & Metals Inc) will know how to decipher which parts need to be taken to the landfill and which need to be recycled. They will then haul the parts away to the appropriate places so that you do not have to deal with any of the hassle on your own. The demolition crew will be able to knock down the home and remove everything from the property within a matter of just a few weeks depending on the size of the house. You can work with a contractor to start making decisions for the house that you want to be built while the current home is being demolished. This will save you time in the long run and get you into your dream home as soon as...

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4 Tips for Disposing of Remodeling Waste

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If you are planning on remodeling your home, you will need to figure out what to do with the remodeling waste. You will end up with some materials that can be reused or recycled, and other materials that need to go in the trash can or dumpster. Here are some tips for disposing of remodeling waste. Have Salvage Yards Pick Up Metal Scraps You will most likely end up with a good deal of metal scraps, depending on what you are remodeling in your home. If you have copper, steel, or aluminum, you can recycle them for a profit. If you have no interest in recycling them on your own, you can call a local salvage yard. They are often looking for these types of materials and might be willing to pick them up for you. This lets you get rid of the materials without sending them to a landfill, and have them picked up to make it easier. Know What Can Be Recycled If you are interested in reusing or recycling some of your remodeling waste, you might be surprised by how much can actually recycled. Recycling centers will take just about anything that is made of aluminum or other metals, glass, plastic, and paper. They also frequently take lumber, trim and molding, drywall, windows, doors, and cabinetry. They might also take your hardware, light fixtures, ceiling fans, carpeting and tile flooring, stair rails, sinks and bathtubs, and shower doors. Before recycling materials, consider whether or not the items can be reused in another part of your home. Dispose of Hazardous Materials Safely Make sure you keep track of the potential hazardous materials you will dealing with and dispose of them safely. If you know you will be tearing down mold, lead, or asbestos, or materials that might have these hazardous materials, call an abatement company. They will be able to get rid of them safely and not put you at risk. Never leave it up to chance when remodeling your home. If you have an older home and there is any risk of asbestos, at least get it tested before you begin. Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster If you have any materials left that couldn’t be recycled or reused of, you will need to put them in the trash. Since your own trash can will fill up very quickly during a remodeling project, you should rent a roll-off dumpster. Your local waste management company will drop it off and leave it by your curb. You can throw all your trash in the dumpster and the waste management company will pick it up when you’re done with...

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What Are Some Document Disposal Options?

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Even if you are trying to make your business as paperless as possible, you are still going to end up having some documents that you have to deal with. That means you still have to come up with a way to safely store and dispose of those documents. You don’t want confidential business documents to end up in the hands of anyone who could hurt your business.  Safe Disposal Probably the biggest issue you have to worry about how your documents are disposed of. You don’t want to have documents going out in one piece or in pieces that can be assembled. For example. documents that have gone through a traditional shredder can still be reassembled. It may be difficult to do, but it can be done. A better option is to find a document storage and disposal company that offers services like cross cut document shredding.  Cross-cut shred Instead of having shredding blades that just cut paper into long strips, cross cutting blades will cut the paper in two diagonal strips, one in each direction. It leaves smaller pieces that are cut in different directions, leaving no long strips.  Micro-cut shred Another service that you could look for is a document storage and disposal company that offers micro-shredding. Micro-shedding is a newer technology and not everyone offers it yet. Micro-shredding leaves tiny pieces of paper that could double as confetti. Each document is left in thousands of pieces.  Disposal options The next part of safe disposal deals with what to do with the remains of your documents. There are several different things that could happen with the documents. One is that they can be sent to a recycling center. That will let the paper be turned into new paper. Being sent to a recycling center means that the documents should be secure so that no one can read them.  Another option that isn’t offered at a lot of companies is turning that paper into things like mulch or compost. Paper is actually very good for these things. Mixing paper in with things like a bark mulch helps keep the moisture in the soil. As it decomposes with the other mulch, the paper will end up leaving nutrients in the soil.  Making sure that your documents are handled correctly when they leave your hands is a really important part of your business. There are many services that can help you with that and give you more options. For more information, speak with experts like Vital Records...

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Top Six Ways To Reduce Your Presence At The Curb

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Whether you are concerned about your image being soiled by the mountain of trash you put on the curb each week for the commercial trash service or just tired of having to clean up the mess after a visit by the neighbor’s dog, these six tips offer excellent advice to help you clean up your act and reduce your presence at the curb. One: Learn How to Say No It’s a safe bet that most of us have more than a few items in our homes that we regret purchasing. It’s also a safe bet that many of these items will eventually make their way to the curb. Avoid this problem by learning to say no when temptation strikes. Need help? Make it a rule to leave your credit cards and checkbook at home, shop with an itemized list and only carry enough cash to cover what it is on your list. Both your bank account and garbage can will be pleased. Two: Opt for Less Packaging on the Produce The loose apples on the display taste every bit as good as the ones that come enshrined on a foam plate, covered in plastic wrap. For extra incentive, remember that it is far easier to inspect and choose the best specimens when you can touch and examine each one. Three: Go Can-Less Have you ever noticed how much space tin cans consume inside your garbage can? When you run out of canned vegetables, choose frozen varieties and enjoy some extra room in your cupboards and trash bags.  Four: Become a Home Preserver Think how much trash you could do away with if you skipped purchasing canned foods completely and instead learned to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables in jars that can be used over and over again for decades? Home canning is fun, easy and saves you money because you can buy fruits and veggies in season when they are cheapest and preserve them to use all year long. Five: Get it Online Is your trash full of newspapers, magazines and catalogs? Reduce your curbside presence in a big way by canceling paper subscriptions and signing up for online editions, instead. To reduce the amount of incoming catalogs that often go straight to the trash, opt out of receiving future mailings from the online retailers you patronize. Six: Donate, Donate, Donate Unless an item is badly stained, broken or ruined, it probably has value to someone. Examine items closely before making the decision to send them to the curb. Used clothing, shoes, furniture and home items are always in demand by local charities and community organizations. For even more great ideas on reducing the amount of garbage your take to the curb each week, contact your local commercial trash service. They can offer you all the latest tips on reducing waste and utilizing available recycling...

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