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Top Six Ways To Reduce Your Presence At The Curb

Whether you are concerned about your image being soiled by the mountain of trash you put on the curb each week for the commercial trash service or just tired of having to clean up the mess after a visit by the neighbor's dog, these six tips offer excellent advice to help you clean up your act and reduce your presence at the curb.

One: Learn How to Say No

It's a safe bet that most of us have more than a few items in our homes that we regret purchasing. It's also a safe bet that many of these items will eventually make their way to the curb. Avoid this problem by learning to say no when temptation strikes. Need help? Make it a rule to leave your credit cards and checkbook at home, shop with an itemized list and only carry enough cash to cover what it is on your list. Both your bank account and garbage can will be pleased.

Two: Opt for Less Packaging on the Produce

The loose apples on the display taste every bit as good as the ones that come enshrined on a foam plate, covered in plastic wrap. For extra incentive, remember that it is far easier to inspect and choose the best specimens when you can touch and examine each one.

Three: Go Can-Less

Have you ever noticed how much space tin cans consume inside your garbage can? When you run out of canned vegetables, choose frozen varieties and enjoy some extra room in your cupboards and trash bags. 

Four: Become a Home Preserver

Think how much trash you could do away with if you skipped purchasing canned foods completely and instead learned to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables in jars that can be used over and over again for decades? Home canning is fun, easy and saves you money because you can buy fruits and veggies in season when they are cheapest and preserve them to use all year long.

Five: Get it Online

Is your trash full of newspapers, magazines and catalogs? Reduce your curbside presence in a big way by canceling paper subscriptions and signing up for online editions, instead. To reduce the amount of incoming catalogs that often go straight to the trash, opt out of receiving future mailings from the online retailers you patronize.

Six: Donate, Donate, Donate

Unless an item is badly stained, broken or ruined, it probably has value to someone. Examine items closely before making the decision to send them to the curb. Used clothing, shoes, furniture and home items are always in demand by local charities and community organizations.

For even more great ideas on reducing the amount of garbage your take to the curb each week, contact your local commercial trash service. They can offer you all the latest tips on reducing waste and utilizing available recycling services.