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Why Taking Your Used Vehicle To A Scrap Metal Yard Is A Good Idea

If you have a vehicle that no longer runs or that you are no longer using, one great way to get rid of it is to sell it to a scrap metal yard. There are many parts of a vehicle that are made with different types of metals, all which can be resold by scrap metal yards. Here are four of those parts of a vehicle wanted by scrap metal yards that they can ensure get recycled or reused.

Wheels - Most wheels are made from aluminum which is highly recyclable. In fact, according to The Aluminum Association, aluminum is a 100 percent recyclable metal. This sustainable metal is usually recycled into new cans, airplane parts, home appliances such as dishwashers, furniture, chemicals and even makeup. If you take your car to a scrap metal yard, they might only be interested in the wheels but not the tires. Even though rubber is recyclable, it is not usually worth their time to get tires recycled through the proper channels. Some scrap yards will even penalize you for not removing the tires from the wheels.

Parts Made of Steel - Many parts of a car are made from steel-- including doors, hoods, trunks and frames-- which makes all of these parts desirable for scrap metal yards. In 2012, steel had a recycling rate of 88 percent. It has been proven that by recycling steel energy is conserved, emissions are reduced and natural resources are reserved. For these reasons, scrap metal yards are more than willing to take your unused automobile off of your hands thanks to the large parts made of steel.

Catalytic Converters - At one time, the prices offered by scrap metal yards for catalytic converters was causing thieves to steal these parts off of cars to make some quick cash. One reason for this is because the converters are made with three types of precious metals - platinum, palladium and rhodium - that can bring in good money.

Electric Fan Motors - Since copper is another metal that generally gets sold for a good price for, car parts like electric fan motors are often in high demand. Other parts of a car that are made out of copper include: 

  • radiator fans
  • fuel injectors
  • ignition coils
  • alternators
  • blower motors
  • transformers

If you no longer have use for your vehicle, selling it to a scrap metal yard like White Recycling is a great option as they can ensure all the metal parts are either recycled, reused or resold.