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Post-Festival Pick Up: Easier Ways To Clear Away The Rubbish Faster

One of the biggest problems with a community festival is the post-festival clean-up. There are the porta-potties, the garbage, and the recycling to worry about, and sometimes particularly large events (e.g., music festivals or Oktoberfests) result in a lot of paper waste everywhere. If you want to speed up the cleaning and recycling after your community event, here is what you can do.

Dumpster and Compactor Rentals

While you did not have room for these items on the grounds during the event, (and you wouldn't want them there during the festival anyway!), you now have the room and the need for dumpster and compactor rentals.  The compactor can make short work of all the cardboard and cardboard-like items strewn everywhere, while the dumpsters can be filled, hauled away, brought back and refilled. (You will need to provide an electrical source for the compactor, but if the event was in a local park, there is probably a pavilion or stage that has power.) If you have a large cleaning crew, a couple of people can manage the compactor as needed, while everyone else gathers the strewn remnants of the event. 

You can limit smaller bits of paper, plastic, and glass to preassigned dumpsters. You may have to rent dumpsters from two different companies, as some dumpster companies only manage trash and not recycling. The companies that typically rent out recycling dumpsters may also be the ones from which to rent your cardboard compactors, but you will have to check with them when you call to place a rental order.

The "Human Broom" Approach

If you have enough volunteers and/or workers, you can spread them out in a search and sweep formation. This means they start at one end of the park, in a line, moving forward a few feet at a time and picking up everything they see. They act in unison as a "human broom", sweeping through the grass and over the cement for cigarette butts, cups, food wrappers, napkins, plates, diapers, and so forth. Within a few hours, and with the added help of your rented dumpsters and a compactor, the scene is clean.

Returning Your Compactor and Disposing of the Compactor Bales

Usually the companies that rent the dumpsters and compactors will come to pick them up. Your compactor needs to be free and clear of any cardboard bales your team has made. Either the recycling company that rented the compactor to you or a shipping company that deals in cardboard bales will pick up the bale(s) from your location on your specified date.

If you're interested in renting a contractor, contact C-TEC Compactors & Balers today.