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How To Find A Convenient PC Recycling Center

If you've just bought a new computer and want to get rid of the old one, you need to find a way to recycle the old computer if you can't find someone who wants it. Computers shouldn't go in your regular trash because they are hazardous for the environment. Here are some ideas on how to recycle your old PC.

Call Your Local Sanitation Office

Call your sanitation office to ask about the PC recycling services they may offer. If you're lucky, you might be able to place your PC at the curb and have it picked up by the city for free. They might advise you to go ahead and throw out the keyboard and mouse. If you live in an apartment, you won't be able to sit a computer on the curb. In that case, find out if the city sponsors drop-off events where you can take your old PC to get rid of it. Even though you'll be recycling your computer, you probably won't be allowed to mix it with the other recycled material you put on the curb for the city. Your computer needs to be separate so it can be recycled safely, and that may require a special visit by the sanitation department to pick up your PC.

Call A Store That Sells Computers

Large electronics stores often take PCs for recycling. If your computer is still in good shape, they may sell it to someone who wants to buy a used computer to save money. If your computer is beyond saving, they will send the computer on to a recycling center to be stripped for the valuable materials it contains. Start by calling the nearest or most convenient store for you to go to. If you find a place that recycles where you shop occasionally, you can take your PC with you on your next visit.

Before you take your PC anywhere to be recycled, be sure you remove the hard drive if you don't know how to wipe it clean or if your PC is broken and you're unable to clear the hard drive. If you don't, it's possible someone can get the PC working and obtain your private information as well as login details for websites you visit.

Most places that accept old computers for recycling will take them if they work or not. Their first effort may be to make the PC functional or donate it to a computer school to work on. Getting the most use from the PC before it goes through the recycling process is a win-win for everyone.