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4 Easy Ways Of Legally Disposing Of Your Old Residential AC Unit

Air conditioners contain a chemical called refrigerant, and they are classified as hazardous waste. As a result, it is illegal for you to dump your old unit in your waste bin together with the rest of the trash. If you do, your waste collection company won't collect the garbage, and in some cases, they may even issue a fine. You have to use legal disposal channels that do not involve sending the unit to a landfill where it can cause environmental pollution. Here are some of the practical ways of getting rid of your old air conditioner without getting into trouble with the law.

Check With a Local Scrap Yard

Scrap yards collect all sorts of used and broken equipment and appliances. They take apart the recyclable metal parts and dispose of the rest of the device. Air conditioners have various metal parts that are valuable to scrappers. Therefore, you can easily get rid of the unit by selling it to a scrapper. After dismantling the component, scrappers know how to use the right disposal channels to prevent leaking refrigerant to the environment. Call the local junkyards to make sure they collect AC components before making a physical trip to the premises.

Find an AC Recycling Company

There are recycling companies that collect used air conditioners to refurbish or reuse them. Air conditioners have various metal and plastic parts that can be recycled and used to make valuable items. In some cases, if the AC unit is still in good condition, it can be refurbished and resold. Therefore, consider finding an AC recycling company to take the unit. To make the process smooth, check online for local recycling firms and contact them beforehand. 

Look for Local Household Hazard Waste Programs 

Local authorities understand that people need readily available channels of disposing of hazardous materials. Thus, they set up local Household Hazard Waste (HHW) programs, whereby they designate specific days for the collection of hazardous waste such as AC units. Ask the local authorities about the next collection date. Alternatively, you can check your state's website for the information. On the set date, you're required to deliver your item at the designated collection points.  

Check With Your AC Supplier

Some suppliers of hazardous equipment have recycling and collection programs in place for their customers. In this case, once you want to replace the item, you can drop it off with the supplier for proper disposal. In most cases, you don't even need to have bought the air conditioner from the specific shop to qualify for this service. Thus, ask local appliance shops whether they take old units for recycling and disposal.

Proper AC disposal not only protects the environment but also prevents run-ins with the law. Therefore, find the most convenient option above and contact the service.