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3 Features To Look For In Medical Biohazard Waste Containers

If you need to dispose of medical biohazard waste, then your waste disposal service should supply containers for your site. You use these containers to sort and store waste until the service picks it up.

Medical waste needs to be handled carefully. You should look for companies that supply robust and safe storage solutions that prevent all your waste from doing any harm. To get started, look for companies that offer containers with the following features.

1. Antimicrobial Materials

Some of the medical waste you store for disposal can be harmful. While using secure storage helps contain bacteria and viruses, you still run the risk of problems. If the containers themselves pick up bacteria or a virus, then someone might come into contact with it when they touch the container to dispose of an item.

Some biohazard waste service companies use containers that are impregnated with antimicrobial substances. These containers make harmful substances and items safer. They prevent the spread of bacteria or viruses and contain them in the storage unit. You improve safety for your staff and in your facility.

2. Odor Management

Some medical waste starts to smell after a while. Blood and body fluids degrade once you dispose of them. If you store them on-site for a while, then they can create noxious smells around their storage containers.

Look for waste containers that can contain odors for the time you have them on-site. Containers with tight-fitting lids help keep smells out of the environment. They also prevent substances from leaking out.

Some containers also have specially designed interior surfaces which minimize odor build-up. For example, some products have internal drainage systems and smooth interiors which prevent fluids from sticking to inside surfaces.

3. Safe Carry And Storage Designs

An effective waste container needs to be strong and solid. If a container breaks or cracks, or if its lid doesn't fit securely, then it isn't safe any longer. Plus, if you place containers in one place before they are picked up, then you also need to make sure that you can store them safely.

Waste containers should have tight-fitting lids. The lids shouldn't come off when you move a container, and the handles should be comfortable to use. Lockable or fixed units with disposal holes are also a good option.

If you need to stack containers, look for products that are fully nestable. You don't want a stack of waste units to topple over and spill their contents because they don't balance on top of each other.

To find out more about your storage options, talk to local biohazard waste solutions providers.