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All You Need Tt Know About Using ¾" Recycled Asphalt

Asphalt is among the most popularly used construction materials. Its applications are essential in numerous projects, including road construction, driveway and parking lot paving, and flat roof sealing. Contractors and project owners often choose it because it offers high skid resistance, provides uniform surfaces with a smooth finish, and is durable. If you love using this material in your construction projects, consider trying out something like ¾" (inch) recycled asphalt. This article contains all you need to know about this type of asphalt and reasons to opt for it.

What is ¾" Recycled Asphalt?

¾" recycled asphalt refers to a mixture of recycled asphalt ripped up from a road or driveway. It's called ¾" inch because the mixture is forced through a ¾" square screen, which sifts the asphalt, ensuring only those with the required dimensions are let through. This quality makes it easy to pack and ideal for surfaces like driveways and parking lots.

Why Use ¾" Recycled Asphalt?

Using ¾" recycled asphalt is advisable because asphalt recycling:

1.       Is Cost-friendly

Paving with fresh asphalt starts with acquiring materials like sand, fine pebbles, rocks, other filler agents and mixing them with a binding substance like bitumen. These components are considerably costly, especially for project owners with limited resources. Fortunately, you can avoid all the expenses associated with buying fresh asphalt materials by opting to work with ¾" recycled asphalt for any commercial or residential paving or shingling project. Besides, the government can also save taxpayer money by using this material in road construction and other public works.

2.       Is Eco-friendly

¾" recycled asphalt is extremely eco-friendly because it doesn't involve using freshly acquired materials. Plus, you can use the material again when it's time to redo a particular surface, such as a residential driveway. Most professionals fully understand and appreciate this. That is why they have facilitated the reclamation of 97 million tons of old pavements, making asphalt the most recycled material globally. Plus, using ¾" recycled asphalt helps reduce the generation of greenhouse gasses that occurs during the material's first mixing phase. Not to forget that ¾" recycled asphalt is still recyclable, meaning it lasts for a long time.

3.       Cuts the Need for Landfills

Most asphalt surfaces are made of a mixture of materials such as cement, steel, and rubber. Before asphalt recycling took the world by storm, contractors ripped up old asphalt, loaded it in trucks, and disposed of it in landfills. However, that method is frowned upon today, especially since asphalt materials take up considerable room in landfills. That is why experts and construction authorities recommend purchasing and reusing recycled asphalt in as many projects as necessary. In a nutshell, when you choose to use ¾" recycled asphalt, you help cut the amount of non-biodegradable materials available in landfills. 

If you have any questions about recycled asphalt, contact a company like Boulder Recycled Aggregate today for more information.