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New Recycling Methods Make Almost All Plastics Recyclable

Plastic products are widely used, but a lot of emissions are created while producing plastic products and plastic can also produce a lot of waste. For this reason, plastic processing solutions have been looking for innovative ways to recycle and dispose of plastic products.

Plastic Sorting is More Efficient

One of the most important aspects of plastic recycling is sorting plastics so they can be recycled properly. This is done increasingly while using AI and automation so that recycled plastics can be recycled much more efficiently.

The rest of the recycling process can also be automated. Not only does this improve efficiency but also protects workers because they are not exposed to high levels of heat. 

Some Plastics Can Be Used to Make More Plastics

Old plastic can be reused to make new plastic products through a process known as depolymerization. New methods of depolymerization have been developed that use bacteria to break down plastic waste.

The monomers that are left behind are of very high quality. As a result, the products that are created using recycled plastics are of higher quality and this creates a bigger market for recycled plastics. 

Plastics Can Be Converted Into Fuel

Some plastic waste can be converted into pyrolytic fuel through a process known as pyrolysis. This fuel can act as a replacement for diesel fuel. This process has become much faster with advances in technology and this allows for larger amounts of plastic waste to be processed in shorter time periods. Companies that create pyrolytic fuel have also found ways to do so while producing less waste.

Gasification can be used to recycle plastics that are otherwise impossible to recycle. The gas that is generated using this method is used in chemical manufacturing and electricity generation.

Plastics Can Be Made to Be Recycled

One way to make recycling more effective is to design plastic products to be recycled in the first place. Some products can be designed so that they are intended to be recycled at the end of their life cycle and are referred to as recyclates. 

If your company produces a substantial amount of plastic waste, it makes sense to contact a plastic processing service for help. They will be able to help you determine what plastic processing solutions are right for your company. Since the latest technologies make it possible for almost all plastics to be reused in some way, there is no reason not to recycle plastic waste.